Days For Girls Training

Days For Girls Training

On an average every girl gets 3000 days of period in her lifetime. In India, over 20 percent of girls from underprivileged families drop out of school completely after reaching puberty.  One of the main reasons for that is menstruation.

In the month of October, Radha Selvester from Days for Girls(Mission Possible: Keep Girls in Schools), visited FFLV.

There are many girls around the globe who don’t have access to sanitary napkins while others do not have the money to afford it. This becomes one of the major reasons for them to miss school during their menstrual cycle or even drop out of school completely. To solve the problem, Days for Girls is an organisation that is committed to supporting a girl throughout her entire lifecycle, from providing her with a DFG (Days for girls) kit, to teaching her health education, to offering training for her when she grows older, so that she can produce the same kits and support hygiene needs in her community. Over 800,000 girls and women are using these kits globally.

Radha gave training to FFLV girls about the importance of using a reusable sanitary napkin made of soft flannel liners which are super absorbent and are easy to use. The kits are reusable, environment friendly & cheap as they last for 3 years.

The girls were happy to receive the training, and the kits from DFG which they are now using and are taking this new concept really well. We will be collecting feedback from them and see what challenges they might be facing and work on how to make it better. The idea is to improve the attendance of girls in school and to prevent them from dropping out of school because of lack of facilities.  We hope that one day, all the girls at FFLV use these kits.