Strategy Planning Workshop by InFocus

Strategy Planning Workshop by InFocus

On the 31st Mar and 1st April 2017, a two day workshop was organized by Dr Damian Hatton, the Managing Director of InFocus. The purpose of the workshop was to develop a plan to address the following focus question:

“What should FFLV do over the course of the next 5 years to motivate and nurture a staff team. who can support & sustain the anticipated growth of the charity, to benefit even more children across Vrindavan?”

Over the course of two days, Mr Hatton facilitated a brainstorming session with the FFLV management to answer this question. The workshop was very productive and gave us all clarity of vision for the next five years. We were able to gauge our goals and the hurdles that stopped us from achieving them. We thank inFocus for their worskhop has greatly benefited FFLV and we look forward to implementing the discussed strategies.

About Dr Damian Hatton

Managing Director / Senior Consultant inFocus

Damian founded inFocus in 2007. He overseas the inFocus consultancy team, leads on business development and marketing and undertakes delivery work, particularly to plan and implement shared measurement and evaluation of collective impact initiatives. His high-level facilitation, training and strategic planning expertise are applied within a wide variety of client projects, utilizing his monitoring, evaluation and research experience across a number of different interest areas. Previous to inFocus, Damian founded Street League, a leading social development programme, working with severely disadvantaged youths and adults across the UK. He originally trained as a medical doctor at University College London Hospital, practising in both the UK and Australia for 5 years. For more information visit: